About Us


Incorporated in 1987, Challpac has made a name for itself in serving the needs of the building industry.

In 2002, Challpac adopted a new strategy and focused on a distinctive direction. We strive to satisfy interior designers and architects’ requirements by providing unique building products with impeccable quality.


Inspired by the catwalks of Milan & architecture of the past and present, Challpac draws inspiration from both nature and history.
Our team is dedicated in sourcing the trendiest of colors & patterns whilst paying respect to both simplicity & nature.


We puts a strong emphasis on protecting the environment to preserve it for future generations. Our corporate logo and color show testament to our unwavering commitment to the environment, and with this, we wish to inspire our customers to create green living spaces of beauty with a focus on the environment.


Our products are created with safety in mind. No harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde are emitted by our products due to the stringent requirements we place on our suppliers. Workers make our products in a safe and healthy working environment wearing all the protective gear needed.


We deliver quality materials which have been handpicked from only the best suppliers. Our materials have gone under rigorous manufacturing processes and quality control by master craftsmen. Using top of the line technology, the creation of building materials are of unparalleled quality.

Service Orientated

Through many years of experience, we have learned to tailor-make our business systems in order to better serve our customers. Our team is trained to answer and deliver on all requests which may arise, and be one step ahead to meet all their needs, be it logistical or technical in nature.

Enthusiastic & Upbeat

We prides itself in being friendly and jubilant. We strongly believe that with the products we sell, we bring a little extra beauty to the world, and this drives us to make the world a better place with your help.


The company imports building products from Australia, Singapore, Europe, and North America. The quality, color, pattern and finishes of the products are constantly improved to keep up with the latest trend.

We live to satisfy international interior designers and architects from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Australia, Europe, and North America by providing building products of outstanding quality for construction projects in Asia, such as hospitalities, corporate offices, and luxury homes.

Our business supplies products that are the best in class in dimensions valued by customers; delivers products to a specific, exclusive customer group; whilst honing our focus onto the customer’s needs.

We strive to obtain total satisfaction by delivering our products in a timely manner, whilst providing the highest quality with the most up-to-date design.