Product – Navlam Sandblasted

Available in a range of designer colours, wood grains, panel widths, depths and textures, including our popular sandblasted collection, Navlam Sandblasted™ is the ideal choice for any commercial or residential interior application.

Browse through our Gallery to see how Navlam Sandblasted™ has been applied to some of our clients’ projects.

Navlam applications

Navlam Sandblasted’s™ superior strength, durability and visual appeal make it the perfect choice for a broad range of interior spaces.

Applications include:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundries
  • Furniture
  • Receptions Areas
  • Storage Areas
  • Offices and Work Stations
  • Board Rooms
  • Staff Rooms
  • Amenities

As a reconstructed veneer, Navlam Sandblasted™ offers superb consistency in wood grain structure and tone across each panel making it suitable for both large and small installations.

Easy to use, saving you time and money

Because Navlam Sandblasted™ is a pre-finished product that’s ready for immediate application, there’s no need for polishing. As a result, choosing Navlam Sandblasted™ over traditional timber veneers as your decorative surface can save you considerably in labour costs and time.

Navlam Sandblasted’s™ veneer surface is finished with high quality 2-pac polyurethane. It comes in your choice of:

  • A prefinished laminate sheet, ready to lay on your substrate of choice, OR
  • As a finished panel complete with matching ABS edging in a range of thicknesses.

Cleaning and maintenance is a breeze with Navlam Sandblasted™

Navlam Sandblasted’s™ durable surfaces are scratch and stain resistant. They’re also very easy to clean and keep looking their absolute best. Simply wipe your surface with a damp cloth and mild detergent or a non-abrasive wood-cleaning product. To remove tougher stains, use watered down alcohol, ammonia or another light solvent.